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  • 5 Indirect Benefits of Collaboration

    Wall Street is on fire. It’s 2008, and markets are melting. Banks are being bailed out by Uncle Sam as working people are losing their homes and going hungry. Enter Feeding America, an organization on the front line of food security and hunger relief. They saw a recession, growing need for food, and declining donations…

  • The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Foundation

    Picture this: Freddy Mercury struts across the stage, belting out “Another One Bites the Dust.” The crowd goes wild, feeding off the electric energy of loss turned into defiance. That’s precisely the vibe the philanthropy world is experiencing as a growing number of foundations choose to close their doors and spend down their endowment funds.

  • In Good Measure

    In 1999, Houston had a problem: NASA’s $125M Mars Climate Orbiter was lost forever. One team of project engineers worked in metric, another team in imperial. The result? An expensive fireworks show for an audience of none. The best and brightest get it wrong sometimes. After the grief, NASA didn’t give up. Its teams learned,…