A revolutionary way to find partners

Using relationship science, find partners that will form successful, outcomes-based relationships with your organization.

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Canada’s top 3 universities got more funding than all Indigenous groups combined.

We’re going to fix that.

Finding the right partners is time consuming and expensive for both funders and fundees.
The usual partnership selection criteria (fiduciary track record) and prospecting process (relying on established networks and lengthy grant application processes) entrenches systemic inequities.
Partnership selection can be faster, more cost effective, and more inclusive by applying more criteria and by using technology to quickly surface potential partners.

What is Orgmatch?

Orgmatch is a new online partnership prospecting platform that uses industrial and organizational behaviour (in addition to fiduciary track record and other standard partnership selection criteria) to match funders, grantors, and philanthropists with charities, nonprofits and social enterprises.
In minutes, connect directly with partnership prospects – without exchanging contact information – that are likely to form successful relationships with your organization based on shared values, goals, objectives, working style, financial needs and more.

Save Money

Used for a development team or prospecting software.

Reclaim Time

Spent on traditional, time-consuming prospecting tasks.

Get Results

Aligned partners stay mission sharp and focused on impact.

How Orgmatch Works


Answer 20 quick questions and complete a profile for your organization.


Find organizations that are aligned with your mission, values, collaboration style and support needs.


Start a conversation when both parties agree there’s a fit.