Need help finding or securing a partner? Orgmatch can help. Work with an Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert at any stage of your prospecting process.

Assessment / Feasibility

Go deeper on your organization’s profile and assessment through a series of workshops with an Orgmatch certified partnership expert. Challenge the assumptions and beliefs that are holding you back from finding the best partners for your organization. Best suited for organizations that are struggling to find appropriate matches on the platform, exploring new ideas for programs, launching a new program.

Research & Prospecting

You’ve found an organization you think is an amazing fit, but they aren’t on Orgmatch, or aren’t engaging in a conversation with you. Work with an Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert to:

  • Reach the right people at potential partners you want to work with.
  • Assess why another organization may not feel you are a good fit and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Surface alternative matches that may work as well or better than your existing shortlist.

Discovery & Strategic Outreach

Your Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert will help you prepare for your introductory call with your prospects. They’ll help you research the opportunity and partnership prospects ahead of time, know what questions to ask, assess working style, fit, interest alignment, and define next steps. This is perfect for organizations that have matches they are ready to engage with both on, and off, the Orgmatch platform.

Cultivation & Engagement

Ongoing coaching, support and workshops designed to help you deepen your relationship with your prospects after your initial call where you’ve established that you’re a mutual fit. Work with an Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert to best position your organization and your programs to secure the partnership. This is best for organizations that are having introductory calls, but are not getting invited to submit proposals.

Proposals, Solicitations and Partnership Agreements

Work with your Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert to craft the best grant application / proposal for your opportunities. This is best for organizations that have been invited to submit a proposal or apply for a grant but lack the knowledge, experience, or time to do the work successfully.

Project management & Delivery

Work with your Orgmatch Certified Partnership Expert to fulfill your partnership agreement. Services include project management, coordination, managing timeline and budget, KPI development and tracking results. This is best for organizations that are engaged in a partnership, but lack the knowledge, experience, time or resources to ensure that they fulfill the partnership agreement successfully.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Assess the impact of your project during and after the work is complete. Determine how well the project met the goals of the partnership agreement and complete a report for your key stakeholders. This service is best for organizations that want excellent relationships with their funding partners through transparent communications around results, impact, learnings and opportunities.

Outcomes Based Learning & Requalification

Get help assessing the long-term impact of your project against its goal after the work has been completed. Evaluate the efficacy of your partnership and whether or not you should continue working together. Determine the best way to position yourself for follow-on work with your funders.