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  • 7 reasons why every organization needs a case for support

    A case for support, also known as a donor prospectus, is a well-designed document that explains to prospective partners (or donors) why they should fund your organization. Cases for support can focus on very specific goals (such as a fundraising goal, or a capital campaign to fund a new project), or invite unrestricted funds to […]

  • Why all eyes are on philanthropy for 2023

    Call me an optimist, but I’m calling it – 2023 will be the single biggest year in the history of philanthropy on earth. On the one hand, things are objectively…challenging. On the other, a combination of tools and new organizations are stepping forward to meet the challenge. If we get this right, 2023 will be […]

  • When to hire a fundraising consultant

    When to hire a fundraising consultant

    If your nonprofit is experiencing any of the following problems, it’s time to hire a fundraising consultant. Problem 1 – No one is responding to your proposals If no one is responding to your proposals it is because of one of these reasons: A fundraising consultant will address these points by: Problem 2 – You […]